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Almaviva is synonymous with digital innovation. Proven experience, unique skills, continuous research, and a deep understanding of various public and private market sectors are what make Almaviva a leading Italian company in the field of information and communications technology.

Almaviva supports the country’s growth processes, rising to the challenges that companies must face in order to remain competitive in the digital age, innovating its business model, organization, corporate culture, and ICT. Almaviva’s presence in Italy is a valuable asset for the company, which upholds a daily corporate culture focused on people and on adherence to shared ethical principles and a transparent respect for the rules.

Starting with Almaviva’s solid expertise based in Italy, a global network has been established that operates through 44 offices in Italy and 33 abroad, with a significant presence in Brazil, as well as in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Finland, the Dominican Republic, Russia, Tunisia, and Brussels, the nerve center of the EU. With 46,000 people (7,000 in Italy and 39,000 abroad), Almaviva is the 3rd largest private Italian group in the world in terms of employees, with a revenue of €1.096 million in 2022.

For Almaviva, the issue of cybersecurity is of great and current importance, especially in light of the increasing threats recorded in recent years, which could have potential effects on the stability of institutions, businesses, and citizens. Almaviva guarantees a completely new level of knowledge and understanding of cyber threats, enabling organizations to develop actionable cybersecurity strategies and achieve tangible economic returns. Almaviva offers its customers – primarily those within critical infrastructures – a comprehensive and diversified range of services, technologies, and proprietary and market products which take into account, on the one hand, an increasingly complex and sophisticated risk scenario, and, on the other, the continuous and specific evolution of key industries.