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DeepCyber is a “Cyber Boutique Company“, which was born at the end of 2016 and on the market in February 2017 under the coordination of CEO Gerardo Costabile.

At the end of 2020, the company becomes part of the Maggioli Group, a historic Italian brand, which adds further value.

The primary purpose of the founders is to create a reality that is in some ways unique of its kind, combining an international and independent managerial approach with profound technical, solution driven and pragmatic competence, the result of the right mix of team experience.

DeepCyber helps its customers to increase the effectiveness in contrasting «Cyber threats», with an «intelligence driven» approach.

DeepCyber and its team of experts support its Clients in a process of developing their own proactive detection & response “capabilities” on Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Protection (meant as an evolution of security to protect tangible and intangible assets), Antifraud and through advisory services in the Security & Compliance Governance area for the effective supervision of critical areas and the adoption of organizational and technological security models compliant with industry regulations or standards.

Regarding Cyber Threat Intelligence, DeepCyber proposes a methodology such as “data fusion” with various internal and external information sources, also originating from a specialized network, worldwide.


DeepCyber’s mission is to create and generate value for companies, not limiting itself to the identification of cyber threats from the surface, deep and dark web, but helping the customer in managing them, with a design and protection-oriented way, also taking advantage of its network of international partnerships, coming from different countries such as: USA, China, Russia, Israel, Europe as well as Italy.