Main partner


DigitalPlatforms SpA (“DP”) is an Italian group born in 2018 with the aim of providing end-to-end solutions and Internet of Things and Cyber technologies to Defense, Public Administration and the main companies that manage critical infrastructures in the energy/utility, transport and telecommunications sectors.

The DP Group is currently made up of eight companies and employs 460 resources, including engineers, programmers, IT consultants, laboratory technicians, researchers, operating in thirteen offices or factories all based in Italy.

DP is a full liner player, present in all the elements necessary to create end-to-end IoT solutions. DP starts from the development, design and production of sensors and industrial electronic products, passing through command and control systems and technologies, up to IoT platforms, IT system integration and cybersecurity. Each of the operating companies that are part of the DP Group oversees one of the various elements of the IoT/Cyber solution’s value chain.

DP aims to ensure that the ongoing digital transformation leads to the creation of safe, secure, resilient and efficient infrastructures.

DigitalPlatforms thus aims to increasingly become the partner of companies for the innovation and infrastructures digital transformation enabled by the IoT.

Group Business Activities:

  • Gibiesse – Design and production of electronicboards and IoT products for industrial and mission critical applications;
  • Omicron Industriale – Design and production of energy stations and energy business continuity solutions to support critical infrastructures;
  • Umpi – Remote control systems for public lighting, road and metropolitan areas, IoT services for smart city and smart building, biometry;
  • DP Innovation – R&D structure that develops new open platforms and custom  products in the IoT sector for the Group and for end customers;
  • System Management and DataBooz Italia – Business consulting and process integration, ICT/IOT infrastructures, Big Data Analytics and informative system, SaaS services and User Experience;
  • DP Infrastructures – Products and systems for automation and Smart Grids in the energy and transport sector, telecommunication networks equipment, solutions for corporate communication and Smart Working;
  • DP Cyber & AI, Aida46 and SecureWare – Products and services cyber and AI for Defense, critical lnfrastructures and smart & safe cities. CE.VA and LVS laboratories, in the military and civil fields. Supply of Tempest products and classified projects. Research and Development in Software Engineering field for the Cyber world; Development of common Offensive Defense capabilities for Enterprise customers and Critical Infrastructures.