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Our Story
In 2017, researchers of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin (PoliTO) understood that the great changes the Web was protagonist of were about to disrupt cyberattacks nature and the whole surrounding ecosystem as well. The perfect attack vector was the human being: from this intuition, Ermes was born.

Our product
Ermes is an Italian cybersecurity vendor listed by Gartner among the best emerging companies using AI applied to cybersecurity. Ermes innovative technology makes the user invisible on the web, providing a real-time defense, inside and outside the office, against all web threats, protecting companies from 0-day phishing sites, credential theft and social engineering attacks, thanks to more than 10 artificial intelligence algorithms.
Thanks to its innovative architecture and patented AI algorithms, Ermes offers dynamic protection against Web threats based not on the reputation of websites but on their real behavior.

Thanks to this behavioral approach, the window of exposure to threats is reduced from days to minutes, guaranteeing an overall real-time protection of 99% on the Web and increasing it by 25% compared to the main solutions on the market.

Our customers and direct partners
We are chosen by the best companies of multiple sectors such as KPMG, Carrefour, Reale Mutua, Bonelli Erede, Sol Group, International School of Monaco. Our product is distributed by Techdata and Icos to more than 40 partners in 4 different continents.

Our people
We know that people make the difference! This is why we continuously strive to make Ermes the best place to work by attracting top-notch talents. We have a leadership team with 45+ years of expertise, and we have drafted a special program aimed at our A1 employees with a dedicated rewards plan.

Our idea of sustainability
In Ermes we believe that it is impossible to create value without preserving the world we live in. For this reason, in 2020 Ermes adopted an internal plan to become a net-zero carbon company by 2024. In addition, Ermes’ technology is designed to provide greater sustainability through energy savings given by the 30% reduction in network bandwidth consumption. In this way we can save 150 trees per year for every 1,000 devices using Ermes.