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Gyala, thanks to a deep and many years of experience in the field of Defense, has created extremely innovative solutions to protect the strategic IT/ OT resources of public and private companies.

The goal achieved was to introduce a different level of Cyber Security through an all-in-one system», for any type of device and operating system, enhanced by a sophisticated AI system of supervision and automatic reaction able to ensure the stability and resilience of IT/ OT environments.

Key points of Agger:

  • Installation in cloud on premises or on segregated networks
  • Customizable detection and reaction rules for each agent/endpoint
  • Supports legacy operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix)
  • Transparency in the definition of detection and reaction rules that applies
  • Extended Threat Intelligence
  • Reaction time with Agger : 0 seconds
  • Predefined automatic reactions based on risk analysis