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HWG srl is a leading cybersecurity solutions provider founded in 2008 in Italy. 

HWG group, from its Security Operation Centers in Verona, Dubai, Vilnius, and Singapore, provides cyber security operations and consulting services to large and midsize enterprises with advanced security requirements, that don’t plan to keep security expert teams and infrastructure internally

Being a trusted security provider for companies in over 20 countries, HWG knows how to improve cyber security resillience even across complex and sensitive environments like financial, automotive, industrial, telecom and others.

A team of cyber security experts (more than 40 highly specialized technical analysts and engineers) optimally manages each phase of the incident lifecycle, working in synergy to: 

  • proactively identify vulnerabilities in the information system
  • monitor and correlate security events across IT infrastructures and mission critical applications applications 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • detect any kind of threat and incident
  • adopt the appropriate countermeasures to contain and react to the attack
  • restore the functionality of the infrastructure with a combination of human expertise, machine intelligence and cyber defense technology
  • expert access to cutting-edge technologies, thanks to its strong relationships with the start-up ecosystems in Europe, Israel, Asia and the US, as well as a wide range of certifications.

HWG offers a portfolio of advanced security solutions across Banks, Finance, Governments, Automotive, Utilities, Fashion, Manufacturing and Telco.

The company is growing at >30% per annum, more than twice the market growth, which is a consequence of its competitive and strong solutions.