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Netgroup S.p.A is an Italian multinational corporation specialized in IT solutions that has been operating for about 30 years in the field of digital transformation. The Group boasts consolidated experience in the design, development and implementation of innovative technological solutions addressed to complex public and private realities. Netgroup is also among the main Italian operators in the Cybersecurity sector.

Innovation is the basis of Netgroup’s strategy which over time has managed gradually, but with extreme readiness, to master new tools with which to offer highly innovative services and competitive solutions.

Netgroup has gained many years of experience in providing solutions related to Digital Transformation, and also based on wireless sensor networks in the IoT field, used to improve the business processes of companies that need more efficient management along the entire value chain, especially in the context of Industry 4.0.

In recent years, the Company has always kept up with new technological trends: in particular, the primary objective has been to adapt all applications, designed for Smart Industry and Smart City, to the new infrastructures based on 5G connectivity.

Attention to cybersecurity is one of the main key of the corporate vision, which has always been accompanied by the development of issues related to ICT. In recent years, the diffusion of new technologies and changes in socio-political scenarios have contributed to increasing the demand for specialized services in this sector. Netgroup has anticipated this trend by concentrating the development of issues related to Digital Infrastructure and Cybersecurity in dedicated Business Units, to manage the security perimeter of its Customers and improve their security position using the best technologies on the market.

Netgroup has a SOC (Security Operation Center) made up of teams of professionals specialized in various disciplines, able to provide its customers with security services in the Enterprise/IT and Industrial/OT fields, centralizing the monitoring of the customer infrastructure through leading SIEMs market development and innovative anomaly detection technologies based on AI and machine learning, thus ensuring continuous support throughout all phases of Security Incident management, according to the NIST SP 800-61, Rev. 2 standard.