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Nextegy cyber security is a company composed by qualified professionals, specialized in infrastructures vulnerability analysis’ coefficient.

Nextegy cyber security accurately and thoroughly analyzes a technological infrastructure’s risk level and it proposes high level security services.

The security service exhaustively covers every aspect. It is commensurate with the company dimension and it is extended to predictive, preventive and proactive security services.

Nextegy offers its customers advanced SOLUTIONS in the following areas: Incident Response, Gap Assessment, Advanced SIEM, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test, IAM/PAM, NAC, VPS/VPC, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Security Awareness.

The main SERVICES offered by Nextegy are the following:

  • NOC [Network Operation Center]
    Supervising, monitoring and continuous management service for it infrastructures, 24/7, with proactive intervention and telephone support to prevent and manage breakdowns.
  • SOC [Security Operation Center]
    Security governance, monitoring and management of the company informative perimeter, providing mdr (managed detection and response) services, stand-alone or jointly, customized on business processes.
  • Risk Assessment/Management
    Specialistic consultancy to examine the risk status and its related management, in relation to security standards and frameworks of pertinence.
  • Backup
    Implementation of safe and reliable backup policies and processes, observing the regulator institution best practise with a certificated ACN service.
  • WAF [Web Application Firewall]
    Web applications, api and mobile applications protection from the most advanced threats (owasp), zero-day attacks and ddos.