Alessandro Manfredini

Alessandro Manfredini

President, AIPSA – Director of Group Security & Cyber Defense, A2A Group


Alessandro Manfredini is a Group Security and Cyber Defence Director at A2A Group, CEO at A2A Security S.C.p.A and a Chairperson at AIPSA – Italian Association of Security Manager.

He graduated in Law at “La Sapienza” University of Rome and in Internal and External Security Sciences at the University of Tor Vergata (Rome).

After ten years working as a Carabinieri officer, he was as Security Manager at Espresso Group, as Chief Security Officer and General Services Director at Italo (nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori), and as strategic consultant in business organization and management systems, data security, and information management processes, founding a start up, at AlfaMike Consulting.

Specializing in Enterprise Security, data protection and cyber security, fraud management, and organization and management models Alessandro uses that experience in conferences, seminars, and training courses at university level as well.