Alessio Fasano

Alessio Fasano

Country Manager, Skybox Security

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Alessio is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in management, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining Skybox Security, Alessio worked as the Chief Security Officer at Retelit, where he played a critical role in improving the organization’s security posture. In his role, he was responsible for overseeing corporate security, developing crisis management plans, and evaluating specialized solutions in the cybersecurity domain. Additionally, he served as the Co-Chair of a global industry association that focused on network, cloud, and technology providers.

Alessio’s career spans over 25 years, during which he held various roles such as Director of Corporate IT Operations and Governance, Presale and Offer Engineering, and Corporate IT Strategy. He started Novustech as the CEO for eight years, went on to start PA Maghreb in Morocco, and worked at Symantec.