Nicla Ivana Diomede

Nicla Ivana Diomede

Director, Cybersecurity and Security Department, City of Rome


Dr. Nicla Diomede is The Director of the Department of Cybersecurity and Urban Security and The Director of the ICT Physical Infrastructure Director of Roma Capitale.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Science from the University of Bari, and later obtained master’s degrees from the University of Milan in Public Administration Management and Cybersecurity and from Cefriel-Politecnico di Milano Information Technology.

She has served as CISO of the University of Milan, where she coordinated and led the structure dedicated to “Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Compliance” and the University Committee on “ICT Security and Personal Data Protection,” contributing significantly to their birth, development and evolution and promoting the organization of IRT and SOC of the Milan University, which have become a point of reference for the national academic community. She is a member of the Cloud CISO Committee of CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) Italy, of Clusit’s C4S, and of the Advisory Board of The Innovation Group’s Cybersecurity & Risk Management 2022 Program. As part of her career, she has always been interested in networking, cybersecurity, digital investigations, privacy, data protection and data governance, compliance and computer forensics. She has contributed to several publications on the topic of cybersecurity and lectured. She also has to her credit several study and work experiences in the R&D labs of major technology leaders in the US