Riccardo Bianconi

Riccardo Bianconi

Ispettore, esperto di cybersecurity, Accredia – L’Ente Italiano di Accreditamento


He was born in Portoferraio (LI), Italy, on 13 February 1957. Graduate in maritime and naval sciences, until 1992 he was, senior officer of the Italian Navy and naval commander, specialized in management of embarked weapon systems. After his discharge he became a business consultant for quality health and safety at work, project manager and lecturer in multiple training courses. 

Since 2000, he has been working as Lead Assessor in various schemes for Accredia (Quality, Health and Safety, Information Security, GDPR – personal data protection, eIDAS, SPID, Business Continuity, Personnel, Credit Risk Management CRMS, Anti-bribery ABMS). 

He is Certified Assessor: CEPAS and ISACA (Quality Management Systems, Workplace Health and Safety, Information Security).

He is member of UNI Commission for Risk Management; member of the Scientific Committee of the “Premio Imprese per la Sicurezza” (business security award) of Confindustria-INAIL; expert in Human Factor and risk assessment.

He is counselor REICO (the italian register for counselors), coach APCN (national professional association for coaching), professional trainer, licensed coach NLP Society of Richard Bandler and John Lavalle, specialized in Business and Team coaching.